Y-CAP is an early intervention and prevention program for youth ages 10-15 who have been referred to us either through the juvenile court system or the school system. Each student and their family has a personalized treatment plan which addresses their educational, behavioral, and spiritual needs, including mentoring, tutoring, hot meals, family nights and group therapy.

Y-CAP Outcomes

Noticeably improved behavior at school and home, fewer juvenile court appearances, academic improvements and more.

Y-CAP Summer Programs

For the students enrolled in the Y-CAP program during the school year, we offer an 8-week summer program to expand their horizons through travel and adventure, taking them to new places for experiential learning. 

  • Week 1 - Justice: Tour of the jail, visit to juvenile court, meeting judges and attorneys. 
  • Week 2 - History: Local battlefields, Indian reservation, Civil Rights museum. 
  • Week 3 - Career: Mayfield dairies, CocaCola Bottling Plant, construction site. 
  • Week 4- Outdoor Adventures: Rock climbing, hiking, camping, biking. 
  • Week 5 - Wellness: Rugby, ultimate frisbee, first-aid, marathon running, whiffle ball, nutrition and healthy living. 
  • Week 6 - Boxing Not Bullets at YMCA Camp Ocoee: National program with kids from 8 states. 
  • Week 7 - Fine Arts: Music, museums, piano, arts. 
  • Week 8- Misisons & Ministry: KAA urban youth camp with volunteers from the Chattanooga Police Department or service projects in the local community. 

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