The Y-CAP Garden is an important part of the afterschool and summer program at all three locations. Our vegetable and fruit garden is planted and cared for by the Y-CAP students. 

Lessons the Garden Teaches:
The Y-CAP students learn responsibility and hard work as they care for the gardens. From the first planting of seedlings in the early spring to the bountiful harvest during the Summer and Fall, to the preparation of the soil for next season, they are learning about plant growth, natural fertilizers and reclycling rain water. They exercise their writing abilities as they journal their gardening activities.

Healthy Living:
The produce is harvested and shared with families, freinds and neighbors. The students will have the chance to eat healthier, more nutritious food. The garden will also teach the students; and their families the value of healthy living, and encourage them to try new foods and cook their favorite recipes.

What Our Garden Grows:
Fruits like peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes are all grown in our garden. We also have vegetables such as okra and squash, and spices. 

Volunteer Opportunities:
Although the students take care of the garden, we need volunteers to help them. If interested, contact Andy Smith.   

Contact Info:
Andy Smith
Y-CAP Regional Director