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History of the James A. Henry YMCA
Established 1902

  • The James A. Henry Y began as the 9th Street YMCA of Chattanooga and was dedicated on Tuesday, October 8, 1902 and the featured speaker was Booker T. Washington.
  • In 1929, the same year in which the Stock Market crashed, the YMCA rented space at 302 E. 9th Street (at the corner of Ninth and Houston Street) which included a gym, meeting room, reading rooms, locker and shower facilities. By the closure of the old 9th Street facility in 1953 the 9th Street Y had served over 100,000 men, boys, soldiers and visitors during its existence and more than 4000 men held active membership.
  • In 1953 the 9th Street Y was renamed the James A. Henry Y and was relocated to its then new Park Avenue facility. The James A. Henry Y was named in honor of Mr. James A. Henry who served in the Chattanooga School system for 29 years. Mr. Henry was recognized throughout the South as one of the foremost African American educators. 
  • On December 30, 1960 Dr. King Martin Luther King, Jr., visited Chattanooga to speak; the Henry Y figured prominently in his visit. Before Dr. King’s speech at the Memorial Auditorium he was the featured guest at a Dinner held in his honor in the Gym of the Henry YMCA. After Dr. King’s speech, a Question and Answer Session was also held at the Henry YMCA.

Branch Amenities

Teen programs
Community health
Group exercise classes
Strength/cardio equipment