Model United Nations

What is Model United Nations?
Model U.N. is a wonderful hands-on learning tool for students. Participants play as international ambassadors from a U.N. country. As delegates from that country, they research the politics, government, culture and issues that the country faces. They then come to a Model U.N. conference as representatives from that country to develop working plans and strategies to overcome international issues.

YMCA Southeastern High School Model United Nations (SHSMUN)
SHSMUN is a simulation of the procedures used by the United Nations, the international body that develops strategies to overcome international issues. Model U.N. programs exist throughout the world, and have been growing rapidly over the years. Each year, over 350 high school students attend the three-day conference in Chattanooga.

The YMCA Middle School United Nations (MSMUN) is a modification of the procedures used by the United Nations, in developing strategies to overcome international issues. MSMUN is a one-day conference attend by 225 area middle school students.

Why Does the YMCA run a Model U.N. Program?

  • Model United Nations strengthens the minds of youth and teens through a unique hands-on educational approach.
  • Model United Nations gives students a hands-on experience in history, world geography and government, adding a valuable component to their classroom education.
  • Students gain an in-depth look at another country's culture, politics, government, and agenda.
  • Public speaking, research and debate are all vital skills in which Model United Nations helps to strengthen each student.
  • Model United Nations orients a student's mind toward civic responsibility.
  • Model United Nations is 100% fun.

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding!" - Albert Einstein