YMCA Y-CAP (Youth Community Action Project)  extends to 2 locations in Bradley County. Much like YMCA Y-CAP in Downtown Chattanooga, this Cleveland program follows the same mission to provide mentoring and care to at-risk youth in Bradley County. And they growing more than plants and food...

What separates YMCA Y-CAP Cleveland from it's counterpart in Chattanooga is in several ways:

  • Y-CAP Cleveland also serves girls.
  • Instead of boxing and woodshop, Y-CAP Cleveland offers the following:
    •  anger management
    • community garden
    • Andor (passport to manhood program for boys, which is a collaborative program between Boy Scouts and Boys and Girls Club)
    • Art therapy
    • Percussion therapy. Percussion therapy is unique in the fact that while it teaches the kids rhythm, focus, and respect it also allows them to get their anger out in a healthy way. 


433 N Ocoee St
Cleveland, Tennessee, TN 37311