YMCA Sports Mission

YMCA sports are based on the concept that fair play is the very essence of competition. Everybody should have an equal opportunity to compete and a fair chance to win. This fundamental virtue is a special inherent attribute of sport. Fair play implies respect for oneself, one’s opponent and others involved in conducting the competition. Players, coaches, officials and spectators share a responsibility for fair play. Fair play sets the game above the prize. 

The North Georgia Community YMCA youth sports programs include a wide range of activities to meet the needs of the Northwest Georgia region. We provide a menu of programs that include traditional and non-traditional sports, seasonal instructional skill clinics, adaptive programs for youth with exceptional needs and also gender-specific teams and programs for girls and boys.
The sports facilities we use are made possible through partnership and collaboration with public agencies, churches, city and county parks as well as locally owned businesses. We bring the YMCA brand of sports to various locations in the community and work to make it convenient for our participants.  

We ensure that every sports program is made affordable through funding from the YMCA Community Support Campaign for those families who qualify.  For more information about applying for YMCA Financial Assistance, email us.  

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