The Purpose
Our goal is to promote and enhance the personal growth and social skills of young people in order to develop leaders who will be a positive force in their communities. Leaders Club provides a safe space for our teens to come together to create community and healthy relationships at time when the family unit’s influence gives way to peer groups and peer group pressure. Students’ values and beliefs about their community are being developed and put to work toward a better community.

How We Do It
All members play an active role in the club and are responsible for achieving personal growth through goals defined by each teen and the club. Teen Leaders Club is ran by the teens, and overseen by an advisor and Y staff member.  The teen leaders ultimately determine what they get involved in and how the club conducts business.

Who and What is Involved
The program is for 6th - 12th graders, dedicated to volunteer service and a commitment to physical education. Leaders are selected through an application process of peer and working professional nominations. Leaders are held to high standards throughout the year including a specified minimum GPA average, a certain amount of volunteer hours per semester, and heathy physical fitness standards.

Leaders Club meets on Thursdays at 6:30pm at the North River YMCA Annex.