Giving Back Enriches Others’ Lives—And Yours

The YMCA’s financial assistance program provides scholarships for YMCA programs and services for those in need within our available resources. The YMCA is for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, age, income or ability, but we need your help to support this program.

  • $10 per month: If 1 member adds $10 per month to their bank draft, a hungry child will receive a free healthy meal for the summer.
  • $5 per month: If 8 members add $5 per month to their bank draft; a single parent family will be able to come to the YMCA to become healthier for a year.
  • $2 per month:  If 6 members add $2 per month bank draft, a foster child can enjoy safety and stability for an entire month in our YMCA Day Camp.
  • $1 per month: If 4 members add $1 per month to their bank draft, a child will be confident and well-instructed in water safety, having learned to swim at the Y.

For more information, email Lee McChesney, or click the image at right (download a FREE QR Reader App and hover over image) to give directly to the Cleveland Family YMCA. 

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