Medically-Tailored Meals & Medical Nutrition Therapy for Heart Failure Patients

Heart & Sol is a 12-week medical nutrition intervention for individuals with a diagnosis of heart failure. 

  • Heart-healthy meals delivered twice a week to your home! 
  • Goal: To reduce hospital stays/ER visits and increase the quality of life for participants. 
  • Cost: No cost for Medicare, Medicaid & uninsured (other referrals - on a sliding scale fee-based income).

For more info, contact Megan Vermeer at


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  1. Sponsor patient(s) and their household to receive 12 weeks of health promoting food($250/month or $750 for entire 12 weeks of 7 meals per week for patient and family
  2. Sponsor teen (s) to participate in the FARM (Food As Regenerative Medicine) Culinary Program ($100/month)
  • Four group sessions
  • Two sessions at home or in community setting
  • Medically-tailored meals for full time household members
  • Home delivery
  • Nutrition education
  • Periodic check in wellness calls
  • Program engagement case management
  • Referral to community-based resources
  • A completed referral form is required. A clinician (MD, PA, NP, LCSW, RN, etc.) must make the referral. 
    • Fax referral forms to Megan Vermeer at 423.777.4095. 

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