For more than 100 years, the YMCA has been the worldwide leader in teaching people of all ages to feel safe in the water. Below is an overview of the various swim lessons available at the Y. Classes are 30-45 minutes in length. Detailed schedules are available online and at the facility

Swim Lesson Criteria 

Parent-Tot swim lessons are designed to introduce young children to an aquatics environment. An instructor will guide parents and children though simple skills and exercises that help infants and toddlers become more comfortable in the water.

Children ages 6 months-36 months old are accompanied by a parent or guardian into the pool for fun, exercise, parent education, and safe water adjustment.  This introduction to the aquatic environment through games, and includes basic aquatic safety and water skills (kicking, breath control, body control, balance). 

The Healthy Living Center at North River Aquatics Swim Lesson program is student- centered and is based on age and ability of the participant. We work on an individual basis in a group setting based on your child’s ability. Children ages 3-5 years old are taught to experience the pool without parental assistance. We expect children to learn and progress at their own rate, and our instructors to encourage performance with praise and positive reinforcement. Please understand that not every child is on the same level and there are groups within each lesson based on your child’s skill. Children are taught basic skills such as the front crawl and breast stroke, as well as pool safety, boating safety, and the use of a personal flotation device (PFD).

Designed for children ages 6-12 years old, this program comprises five key components: personal growth, personal safety, stroke development, games, and rescue. We work on an individual basis in a group setting based on your child’s ability, and we expect children to learn and progress at their own rate. Each child practices skills based on his or her ability, covering the main strokes (front crawl, breast, and backstroke), diving fundamentals (this is an advanced part of the lesson, if your child is not to this advanced stage yet he or she will not focus on these skills), and safety skills, including the use of a personal flotation device (PFD), that are necessary for your child to enjoy his or her time in the water.

Stroke development class is a class designed to focus on improving your child’s front craw, breast, and back stroke. This particular class is compared to as a swim team practice, and each child will learn and progress based on their own ability and performance. The child must be able to pass the YMCA swim test prior to enrollment. Please understand that each child will focus on the skills he or she needs to improve the most. Our instructors will focus on technique, breathing, and diving, along with improving endurance. 

The YMCA offers private swim lessons at your request.  Times and days may be scheduled between the instructor and participant. 

 **There is a minimum of 3 children per class and classes are subject to change.

For more information please contact our Aquatics Department at 423.877.3517 or email Meghan Johnson