In April the Henry Y led a delegation of youth to the State YMCA Youth in Government Conference in Tennessee.  While there the students served in a number of capacities some wrote and presented bills and served in the House of Representatives while others served inthe Press.  At the conclusion of the conference the youth participants offered the following insight into their experience at the Conference and in the Youth in Government Program.


  • I’ve learned how bills actually are passed and how various people consider other people’s problems within the state.  (Gelissa)
  • Politics are not that complex  (Cody)
  • I’ve learned that through any struggle never give up!  I’ve learned leadership skills.  I’ve learned how to overcome my shyness through Youth in Government.  Also behind every suit and dress somehow everyone’s life story can relate.  I’m not alone.  (Julia K.)
  • I learned how to dress and act.  I also learned how big an opportunity this was.  (Brittany M.)
  • There was plenty things that I’ve learned , but the main thing I learned was leadership skills.  (Dominique B.)
  • I’ve learned everything about Parliamentary Procedure.  (David S.)
  • I learned about the bill making process and what our elected reps actually do to pass laws. (Jaimie E.)
  • I learned how the government and politics work.  How long it takes to pass a bill/the process.  (Sable R.)
  • I have learned more about our government and state here (at YIG), than I could’ve every learned in a classroom.  (Hannah J.)
  • I learned that a bill has to pass the house and the senate and be passed (signed by) the Governor before it becomes a law.
  • I have learned more about passing bills.  (Jalissa S.)
  • I learned that getting a bill passed (takes) a lot of hard work but it can be accomplished.  (Dustin C.)
  • When we read our bill and the dances.  (Gelissa)
  • The whole thing. (Cody)
  • Meeting new amazing people.  Having my advisers by my side through it all.  (Julia K.)
  • The best part of YIG was presenting the bill (and seeing all the guys – just kidding).  Brittany M
  • Wow, the best thing about YIG was meeting new people as well as being able to say I tried something new and was very successful at it.  (Dominique B.)
  • The awesome people you come in contact with.  (David S).
  • The best part of YIG was meeting new people and experiencing new things. (Jaimie E.)
  • Eating and meeting new people.  (Sable R.)
  • The best part was meeting other kids and seeing their views on issues.  (Hannah J.)
  • Get away from home and experiencing / learning new things. 
  • The best part of YIG to me is how many options it shows me I have to branch away from all the violence in my community.
  • The best parts were the controversial debates and different viewpoints.  (Dustin C.)
  • It taught me how to speak in public without being nervous.  (Gelissa)
  • Help with college. (Cody)
  • YIG has gave me better hope for my future.  It’s made me realize I can do whatever I want as long as I put my head and heart to it.  (Julia K).
  • This will help me because I have the process of getting a bill passed and I also know how to dress an act on a business trip.  (Brittany M).
  • This will me as I get older because I had experience in the state capitol.   As well as being a leader.  I’ve always tried to be the best person I can be …this will helped me get one step  closer to succeeding as a black male.  (Dominique B.)
  • I will be more prepared as a public speaker and a leader.  (David S.)
  • Communicating properly and have things your way without others knowing it.  (Jaimie E.)
  • This will help me succeed in life because I will know how to dress and learning how to communicate in a nice way and appropriately.  (Sable R.)
  • This will definitely help me in my future because I will pay a lot more attention to politics and laws and what’s going on in the capital.  (Hannah J.)
  • It help me succeed because I had to get up and present in front of people that I did not know.
  • It will help me by keeping (me) busy enough to stay away from gangs.  (Jalissa S.)
  • This experience helped me by making me step outside of my comfort zone and by showing me there are others who share similar views.  (Dustin C.)
  • It was a learning experience for me and I greatly enjoyed myself.  Thank you for the opportunity. (Gelissa)
  • I want to thank everyone who put (work) toward through this program. YIG, YMCA and also my great advisers.  Thank you so much with great appreciation Julia K. 
  • I want to thank all the Advisors for caring enough to help; us with this opportunity.  (Brittany M.)
  • Yes, there something else.  I just want to say THANK YOU for this opportunity and say I’m really happy I had a chance to make a difference.  (Dominique B.)
  • I had fun.  (David S.)
  • I enjoyed having this opportunity and getting to meet new people.  (Jaimie E.)
  • It was a great experience.

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