Downtown Y Certification Courses

Downtown Y Certification Courses

It's a tradition we're proud to continue today. ​From community programs to lifeguard training to swim lessons, the YMCA teaches and promotes water safety one lap at a time. We empower people like you to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur and take action to help those in danger.

In this course, you will become American Red Cross certified as a lifeguard. It includes both classroom learning and in-water practice so that participants are ready for real life situations upon completion. Individuals must be at least 15 years old.  
Successful completion of this class will earn participants an American Red Cross certification. Certification is now included in the Lifeguard Training. 

Member Cost:                       $200              
Non-Member Cost:               $250               
Contact us for Group Training Rates!
*CPR Pro, Emergency Oxygen and First Aid are now included in this class* 


  • 300 Yard Swim: At least 100 yards must be freestyle, and at least 100 yards breaststroke
  • 2 minutes treading water with hands either out of water or tucked under armpits
  • Sprint to deep end of pool; retrieve 10-pound brick from bottom of pool; swim on your back to the shallow end with brick on chest. Brick and face must be kept out of water. This process must be done in 1 minute, 45 seconds.
  • 15 years of age (proof of age will be required)


  • Must be present at ALL class sessions, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Must display maturity and a positive attitude throughout the entire class
  • Must be proficient with all skills taught in class and receive 80% or higher on the written tests and 100% on skills test
  • Money will not be refunded for those who do not pass the course.

For specific dates, times and fees, please contact the Aquatics Department: 423-266-3766. For questions regarding certification courses please contact Andrew Wheeler.



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