Bridge City Strength & Performance

Bridge City Strength & Performance

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Who: Taught by Brice Johnson, U.S.A.W. Strength and Conditioning Specialist

When: Ongoing Program offering morning and lunch sessions every month. Click here to view session times.


  • 13 & under: $75/month
  • 14-17: $100/month
  • Adults (18+): $75 (Up to 2 sessions/week)
  • Adults (18+): $150/month (unlimited sessions)
  • College: $50/month (up to 2 sessions), $100/month (unlimited sessions).

Where: Downtown Chattanooga YMCA, Indoor Track downstairs

What: Olympic weightlifting benefits training for all sports. It’s a speed-strength sport that consists of two lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  As the name implies Olympic weightlifting is the only weightlifting type event contested at the Olympic Games. Weightlifting trains the Power Position and will increase your vertical jump, central nervous system explosiveness, inter-muscular and intra-muscular coordination, flexibility and teach you to better absorb force.

"The fastest athlete is the best athlete," if you play sports, you need to train fast in order to be fast.

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Brice Johnson
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